r-WASD Digital Keyboard Joystick Game Controller

For those players who are fond of their current keyboards but want to free up their two fingers and the W, A, S, D buttons to any other functions.

  • Joystick-controlled digital WASD buttons with diagonal movement.
  • 2+(4 joy axis) remappable buttons via our new r-MAPPER software
  • No external software required for use
  • Strong 3D printed parts
  • PC (Windows 7-11), PlayStaion, X-BOX compatible*
  • It can be used in games where a controller is not applicable.
  • Handcrafted in the European Union

Free your index, middle, and ring fingers
from pressing the WASD keys and rely on your thumb instead! With your liberated fingers, you can already engage in building in complex games like Fortnite, surpassing average players in speed.

Working on “all” system: PC, X-Box, Playstation and Linux. Recognized like a keyboard. On PC you can remapping as you wish via our r-MAPPER software.

A keyboard (your r-wasd digital) setup allows for a lot more precision and fluidity in games, as you’ll know if you regularly game on PCs and consoles. *However, while your keyboard (your r-wasd digital) will work everywhere in the console menus, you won’t be able to use them in every game you play. And that’s not least because it would give you an unfair advantage over other players online using standard controllers. If you need to know whether a specific title supports a keyboard (your r-wasd digital), a quick web search is the easiest way to find out here for X-Box and for PS. 

Please note: 
It can only be used with palm rest-less keyboards; otherwise, it won't be able to access the keyboard buttons.

r-WASD Digital Joystick Keyboard

The default button layout is shown below, as well as the new r-MAPPER, with which you can customize it as you wish.

r-WASD Digital Keyboard Joystick