How difficult is it to learn to use it?
Mastering the use of any new device such as a controller, mouse, or keyboard can take time. This duration can vary depending on the individual. Based on our experience, users tend to handle our products confidently after a learning period of about two weeks.

Why isn't there a dedicated remapper software for r-wasd Analog products? 
We aimed for the simplest product, and there are free remapper software options available such as AntiMicroX, X360CE, etc.

I bought the r-WASD Digital, but I would actually need the r-WASD Analog (and conversely). Is it possible to convert it with a software swap? 
Unfortunately, it's not possible to modify it afterwards.

What costs are included in the price? 
It only includes the price of the product and the shipping fee. Countries outside the European Union may impose customs duties and taxes based on their regulations, which the buyer is responsible for. Please consider this when making a purchase!

What should I do if the product is malfunctioning?
First, please read the user manual if you haven't already done so. If the issue persists after that, please contact us! Please provide us with the order number when reaching out to us.

Why were 3D printed components used for manufacturing?
As a small company, injection molding is not feasible for us. Although it produces a more aesthetically pleasing product, 3D printing was chosen due to its durability and the ease of rectifying potential design flaws.

Where are the products manufactured and where are they shipped from?
The products are handcrafted in the European Union.