r-WASD Analog Keyboard Joystick Game Controller

For those players who are fond of their current keyboards but want to free up their two fingers and the W, A, S, D buttons to any other functions.

  • This is a customized XBox clone controller
  • Two pre-configured buttons
  • 360° analog joystick controlled movement
  • No external software required for use
  • Strong 3D printed parts
  • PC compatible only
  • Dual input allowed games only! (Or use third-party software to bypass.)
  • Handcrafted in the European Union

Free your index, middle, and ring fingers
from pressing the WASD keys and rely on your thumb instead! With your liberated fingers, you can already engage in building in complex games like Fortnite, surpassing average players in speed.

Please note:  It can only be used with palm rest-less keyboards; otherwise, it won't be able to access the keyboard buttons.

*The Analog r-wasd products can only be used on Windows PC. The device is recognized as "Arduino Game Controller" (from Windows 11) or as an "XBOX 360 For Windows" controller (Windows 8-10). When connected to an Xbox (or PlayStation), it is not recognized as an geuine device and therefore cannot be used!